That’s what I help make happen. In a saturated industry like coaching, it’s not easy to stand out. And it’s even harder to get regular clients.

That’s why I take you back to what’s most important when it comes to online business — the stuff that actually makes you money — instead of distracting you with bright, shiny marketing trends that only overwhelm you and scatter your energy in all directions.

In other words, I help you look at your business from the outside – the user experience – and hone how dream clients see it so they can see why they need you and why what you have to offer is worth paying for. Because that’s often the reason you aren’t successful.

Because, unlike what online business gurus want you to believe, you don’t have to “be everywhere” to fill your calendar with clients.

You just have to focus on what matters most.

If you need help right away, check out my on-demand courses. And if you’re looking for more personalized support, scroll down to 1:1 coaching.



Once you complete Get Clear, Get Clients, you’ll be so clear on what you do that talking about it will feel easy, exciting, and impactful. And will make your ideal clients pull out their wallets.

Let me give you a Message Breakthrough

If you hesitate when speaking to potential clients because you can’t talk about what you do in a clear, compelling way or are frozen in place because you don’t know what niche to move forward with, I can help.

All it takes is a power hour 1-1 with me to get you unstuck and on your way. Learn more and book yours here.

Join my group program Get Clear, Get Clients!

This high-touch, 8-week group program is for female coaches and entrepreneurs on a mission who are struggling to get paying clients, stuck on their niche, and frustrated talking about what they do.

Because the honest truth is that often the reason potential clients aren’t signing up to pay you has nothing to do with whether you’re talented or not. It has more to do with how you’re communicating what you bring to the table.

This is my fourth time running this program, and I’ve found the sweet spot in this combo of 1-1 coaching and an intimate, supportive sisterhood. 

Learn more here. Next round begins October 2017.

1:1 Coaching

During my signature 6-month private coaching experience, we’ll work hand in hand to clarify what you really do, effectively communicate why people need you, and lay the foundation that gets you known.

Let’s chat about where you’re at and whether this experience is right for you. Click to book a Clarity Call.

Looking for an inspiring and educational speaker for your next event?

I’m the go-to speaker for getting clear on what sets you apart. Check out my Speaker Page for details and video clips of my recent talks.