Module 4: Move Through Resistance

Welcome to Module 4 of Get Clear, Get Clients!

We’re just past the halfway point. And that’s when resistance tends to rear its not-so-pretty head. Or maybe you realize you’re scared to put yourself out there.

That’s why this one is all about getting unstuck. I’m going to give you tools to help you move through that resistance so that you can find confidence and momentum.

Below you’ll find links to your module materials:

  • Click here to download the worksheet “Get Unstuck” (print or fill it out as you do the workshop).
  • Click here to download the “How to Regain Your Confidence” handout (print or fill it out as you do the workshop).

Click here if you prefer to listen to the workshop via audio. (Or if you can’t see the above video, click here.)

If you can’t download or view the materials for some reason, feel free to email me at I’ll sort it out for you. 🙂