Are you ready to stop struggling to convince others to hire you?

You have a BIG mission behind your work. This may have called you to be a coach or to help people in another meaningful way. And you’re good at what you do.

Yet you do so many things and you don’t know how you can possibly connect them all into one service or offering.

And you’re frustrated trying to talk about what you do… You stumble over your words and barely believe them yourself. And then when potential clients finally get it, no one signs up for consults or wants to pay you.

The honest truth is that often the reason potential clients aren’t signing up to pay you has nothing to do with whether you’re talented or not.

It has more to do with how you’re communicating what you bring to the table.

And you know deep down that until all of this is taken care of, the struggle to “convince” people will continue.

The only way to end this struggle is to get clear on what you really do and learn how to communicate to ideal clients why they need you.

Lucky you, that’s exactly why I created Get Clear, Get Clients!

In this 8-week virtual group program, starting July 1st, you’ll discover:

  • The secret to tying all your gifts and experience together (so you don’t have to choose just one)
  • How to find a niche that works for your strengths and mission (even if you’re scared of being pigeon-holed)
  • What would make writing blog posts and creating offerings so. much. easier.
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome and stop holding yourself back from being seen
  • The 3-step Clever to Clear Audit to go from ambiguous to compelling language that moves your people to action

Through customized 1-1 support, step-by-step worksheets, and an intimate sisterhood of up to 10 female entrepreneurs, Get Clear Get Clients will help you go from frustrated that people don’t value what you do to telling your ideal clients why they need you and inspiring them to raise their hands to pay you.

And the best part of all of this? You’ll convert more often. 

Let’s chat about where you’re at and whether this experience is right for you.

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What others have to say about Get Clear, Get Clients:

Alexis Billings, Health Coach, owner of Synergy Wellness


“Before working with Adria, my business was in my head.

I knew that this was the next chapter but I needed to get clear. I needed to know: I’m going to do ‘this’. I’d been doing a lot of soul-searching & brainstorming but nothing was really gelling.

Adria gave me an avenue, in a safe space, to find my voice.

I’ve been struggling with this for so long that finally getting that clear direction on what I do is tantamount to a feeling of being at peace. I’ve never felt that confident, I’ve never felt that grateful, that kind of bliss.

Althea Branton, Corporate Culture Maven


Working with Adria, I found clarity around all the things I have been struggling with for years. 

I have worked with other coaches before and never really felt they understood. Adria just always seemed to know what I was trying to say and how to say it better and clearer. 

I tend to get lost in the analysis or focus on the bigger picture and get paralyzed by the details. Adria gets straight to the point and makes figuring things out easy.

As a result of our work together, my confidence going forward is off the charts! Suddenly everything makes sense now!

Lisa Montagna, Healer and Spiritual Coach

What You Receive:

  • 2 one-hour private coaching sessions with me to focus deeper on where YOU need it
  • 8 weeks of group laser-coaching calls for targeted, customized guidance (and to learn from everyone else’s struggles)
  • Weekly workshops with step-by-step worksheets to generate aha moments and make it all feel easy
  • A private, Facebook group to create a safe container to support each other and give feedback

 Weekly Breakdown

  • Week 1- Uncover Your Message
  • Week 2- Get Niched
  • Week 3- Step Into Your Clients’ Shoes
  • Week 4- Implementation Week
  • Week 5- Move Through Resistance
  • Week 6- Communicate to Convert
  • Week 7- Use Your Marketing Tuning Fork
  • Week 8- Celebrate for Confidence


Already know this experience is right for you? Enroll Here:

The total value if I were to price all of this separately is over $5,000. But since we’re doing this as a group bundle…


Your Investment:

In Full: $997



Two Payments of $597


Once you enroll, you’ll receive an email with details to get into the Facebook group, log into the group calls, and book your first 1-1 session with me.



When does the program start?

It starts July 1st and ends August 23rd.

What if I can’t make all of the live calls?

You will get the most out of this program if you attend at least some of the calls live because that’s where the *valuable* laser-coaching and learning from others that past participants rave about happens.

That being said, the combination of recorded workshops and 1-1 sessions with me has been transformational for past attendees who only made a couple of the weekly group calls. And I’m very active and dedicated in the Facebook group so there will be plenty of time to run things by me and get feedback.

Why is this program different than hiring a coach or doing an online course?

You’ll be part of an intimate group of up to 10 women entrepreneurs going through this live together. Which means you get the best of all worlds – the structure from weekly workshops, the community energy from weekly group laser-coaching calls and a private Facebook group, and the personalization and depth from two private 1-hours sessions with me.

I just started my business. Will I still benefit from this program?

If what you’ve read here is resonating, then absolutely. The beauty of this program for you is that it will help you lay the groundwork that saves you from scrambling around trying to do “all the things” later. Take the time to do this work now – marketing, launches, and fancy websites can wait. Being able to communicate in a way that the right people want to hire you is the foundation of your business.

Can’t I figure this out on my own?

If you’re anything like me, deep down you know that if you could, you would have by now. Sometimes no amount of journaling with get you the clarity you need to move forward. You need outside support to halt the scattered, shotgun progress you’ve been making and help you lay the foundation that shifts you into intentional action.

I’m still not sure if it’s right for me…

That’s okay. 🙂 You don’t have to make a decision right away. Instead, book a Clarity Call with me and we can talk about whether it really is a good fit or not. Click here to book a call.


“Before working with Adria, I was confused. I knew I needed guidance and was looking to jump ahead – to the talk I want to give, the website I want to create, etc. 

There are so many coaches telling you what they think you need – you want to skip steps. Adria helps lay the foundation work. She gets the ‘now’ me and she gets the ‘bigger vision’ me. 

And she attracts a wonderful group of women. She’s able to “see” me, the other women, and get us to shift in the right direction and to know that it is different for each one of us. All while ensuring me that I am exactly where I need to be.

Now, I’m so much less scared. I gained clarity. But much more. Now I have language that suits my vision and I have a much more focused message, even my target audience shifted. I look at my offer differently.

I actually know what I do and I believe I can offer it. Do we really have to end?”

Karin Dimant, Anxiety Wellness Coach